Register your interest in becoming a blood donor.

Thank you for your interest in saving lives and donating blood. You will be joining a community of blood donors who are called upon when needed by the NHS. We need 5,000 blood donations every day.

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A few questions before we get started

A few quick questions up front to find out if you can donate blood or not. If you can't donate, don't worry - you can help the NHS in other ways.



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1. Date of birth*
For example: 31 12 1970
2. Do you weigh less than 50kg (7 stone 12lbs)?*
3. Have you received blood or blood product transfusion since 1st January 1980?*
4. Have you received donated eggs or embryos since 1st January 1980?*
5. Have you ever had a cancer other than basal cell carcinoma or cervical carcinoma insitu (CIN)?*